Opening Day Coverage

Week 1 – July 25, 2012

Today is the first day of the first EFLI season. I was unable to find any live streams, and it’s been fairly difficult to find updates, but I will update this post with any as soon as I discover them. has posted photos on their facebook page:

EFLI Sri Lanka Opening Ceremony

Pune Marathas Vs Delhi Defenders (EFLI Sri Lanka) 1st Day – Pune won 31-7

Kolkata Vipers Vs Kandy Sky Kings (EFLI Sri Lanka) 1st Day – Kandy won 13-0

Mumbai Gladiators Vs Colombo Lions (EFLI Sri Lanka) 1st Day – Colombo won 12-7


Judging from the photos, it looks like Pune and Kandy won their respective games (not sure of the outcome of Mumbai/Colombo from the photos, and for some reason no photos have been posted yet from the 4th game, Pakistan vs. Bangalore) (Update: didn’t get photos of the game, but Bangalore won 26-6)


Update @ 7/25/12 11:35pm EDT: The official EFLI twitter has been updated with a little bit of info and some nice photos:




Instagram Photo


Instagram Photo



Instagram Photo


Instagram Photo


Instagram Photo


Instagram Photo

From what I remember, Happy was on the Pune Marathas in the Pune vs. Mumbai scrimmage a few months ago… a blockbuster trade occurred since then, perhaps?

Update @ 7/26/12 12:30am EDT: I have updated some of the scores thanks to Facebook users who commented on’s photos

Update @ 7/26/12 9:25am EDT: posted an article with the scores of the games. Also it looks like the Wolfpak has officially changed its named from the Peshawar Wolfpak to the Pakistan Wolfpak.

Pakistan Wolfpak vs. Bangalore Warhawks – Bangalore won 26-6

Pune Marathas vs. Delhi Defenders – Pune won 31-7

Kandy Skykings vs. Kolkata Vipers – Kandy won 13-0

Colombo Lions vs. Mumbai Gladiators – Colombo won 12-7

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