An Absolute Must Read

I mentioned this already, but if you haven’t done so, be sure to sign up for email updates on the official EFLI website (bottom right corner of main page). The most recent email was sent today at 11:36am EDT and it is a must read from Paul Crane, one of the broadcasters signed on to the EFLI. Here is the write-up:

An Absolute Must Read

Here’s an excerpt:

There were many places where history was made, but one which stood out to me came toward the end of the opening ceremonies.  All eight teams were lined up on the field, five from India, one from Pakistan, and two from Sri Lanka.  They all stood respectfully as the national anthems from each country were played, with players from the anthems’ country singing along.  Once all three anthems were done and fireworks started going off above the stadium, the players from all the teams came together, started jumping up and down, high-fiving and embracing.  When one considers the deep-seeded hostilities between countries like India and Pakistan which date back thousands of years, and how the last time a Sri Lankan sports team was in Pakistan there was a terrorist attack (2009?) which not only killed several people but has kept any Sri Lankan team from going to Pakistan since, the way all these teams came together in this ceremony was not a small moment.  To me, it was historic in many ways.

Great stuff. Only two more days until Week 2!

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