EFLI tourney begins on July 25 in Colombo

According to this article from the Daily News (Sri Lanka’s National Newspaper Since 1918), the first EFLI season will begin on July 25 in Colombo, Sri Lanka at the Sugathadasa Stadium. The Peshawar Wolfpak will play against the Bangalore Warhawks at 1pm (which should be in a few hours now) and the Delhi Defenders will play the Pune Marathas at 3pm. The tournament will run from July 25 to August 25.

It looks like the schedule posted a couple months ago is slightly inaccurate – the season will start 10 days later than what that schedule had. We will keep you updated on how the first games of the first EFLI season go.

Update @ 7/25/12 9:30am EDT: The matches should be playing right now, but unfortunately I have had no luck finding out what is going on. Here is another article that contains the schedule from July 25 through August 25.

Update @ 7/25/12 1:50pm EDT: I am still unable to find any live updates on the games, but the official EFLI website was just recently updated with a commercial: The Calm Before The Storm

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