Week 7

Week 7 – Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The “final week” of the “regular season” is here – the key matchup being powerhouses Colombo and Pune going up against each other (possible finals preview?). The semi-finals will be on August 19 and the finals will be on August 25. I am assuming the few games that were not played will not be made up.

UPDATE 8/15/12, 7:49pm EDT: Results and photos are in and it looks like Colombo won the clash of the titans vs Pune 9-6. Also, Delhi’s win over Mumbai put them into the playoffs. Click on the links for photos from each match from ThePapare.com‘s Facebook page:

Kolkata vs Bangalore – Bangalore won 22-0

Mumbai vs Delhi – Delhi won 12-7

Kandy vs Pakistan – Kandy won 27-6

Colombo vs Pune – Colombo won 9-6


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Instagram Photo


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