Week 5 Coverage

Week 5 – Thursday, August 9, 2012

“Week 5” is upon us and the players should be well-rested as all of the teams except for Colombo and Kandy have not played since August 2 (the other six teams did not play on August 5 due to injuries). Click on the links for photos from each match from ThePapare.com‘s Facebook page:

Mumbai vs Pune – Mumbai won 13-6

Kolkata vs Pakistan – Pakistan won 14-3

Kandy vs Bangalore – Bangalore won 13-7

Colombo vs Delhi – Colombo won 10-6

We should have some good matchups this week. First, at 1pm is Mumbai vs Pune, a rematch of the first scrimmage that was played on March 29. At 3pm, one team will come away with their first win of the season as last place teams Kolkata and Pakistan go head to head. At 6pm, fan favorite Kandy goes up against formidable Bangalore. And at 8pm, Colombo and Delhi battle it out for 1st place in the East Division.

Update @ 8/10/12 6:05pm EDT: Results are in and scores and photos have been added above. All low-scoring close defensive battles this week. Mumbai upset Pune in their rematch, Kolkata remains the only winless team, fan favorite Kandy goes down again, and Colombo rides a winning streak to the top of the East Division.

The standings positions remain the same after the end of Week 5. In the West Division, Pune and Bangalore are tied for 1st at 3-1 overall with Pune owning the tiebreaker with their head-to-head victory in Week 3. Mumbai is close behind at 2-2, and is actually 2-0 against division opponents. Pakistan is last in the division at 1-3 but finally won their first game.

In the East Division, Colombo is on fire at 4-1 overall (the best record in the league, replacing Pune) and 3-0 against division opponents. Delhi and Kandy are neck and neck at 2-2 and 2-3 respectively. Finally, Kolkata is dead last and still seeking their first win with a 0-4 record.


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3 thoughts on “Week 5 Coverage

  1. Excellent coverage! I’ve been looking for the scores high and low and you’ve had them here all along. I’ve added an item about you having the scores and standings, and added you to my blog roll so people can find the info quick when you update.

    Keep up the good work ’cause i needs me my EFLI fixes!

    • Thanks, ambisinistral, appreciate it! Doing my best to get all the scores updated as soon as I find out, but as you mentioned they’re not readily available and sometimes require a little bit of digging.

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