TV Schedule, Team Profiles, and Commercials

There have been some great email updates from the EFLI recently. First, the TV schedules have been posted and the games will start airing on both Ten Sports and Ten Action on September 22:

The games are tape delays of the Sri Lanka season which ran from July 25 to August 25. They have been edited down to one hour each, cutting out most of the down time, similar to the Pune vs. Mumbai scrimmage from March 29.

Fifteen minute team/player profiles produced by Evan Rosenfeld and Jenna Moshell will also start airing on September 15. Speaking of these profiles, the ones for the Bangalore Warhawks and Pakistan Wolfpak have been posted:

Bangalore Warhawks – EFLI Team Profile from Evan Rosenfeld on Vimeo:

Pakistan Wolfpak – EFLI Team Profile from evan rosenfeld on Vimeo.

Finally, EFLI commercials have been airing since Friday on Ten Sports, Ten Action, and Ten Cricket. Here’s one of the new ones by Chris Crutchfield which features some players from the Delhi Defenders as well as some aspiring American football players:

In case you missed them, here are the commercials which have already been posted:

The EFLI Spirit:

EFLI Opener:

The Calm Before The Storm:

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