Midweek Updates

Check out this awesome promo video:

Also got an email today that the EFLI Announces Exclusive Worldwide Pact with TOPKAT Global. So it looks like merchandise is coming soon. Also:

Games will be televised beginning September 15th on Ten Sports, the top rated sports channel in India and the entire sub-continent region. The EFLI is proud to have signed an agreement with Ten Sports to televise 33 games in its first season including Saturday and Sunday games as well as 13 Monday Night Football games. Ten Sports channels are the most watched sports channel by far across the sub-continent.

Therefore September 15 is the day that we will finally be able to see the games on television (and hopefully internet stream). I am assuming that the games will be a tape delay of the season that is just about to finish, and that November is the month in which a “real regular season” will start. Stay tuned for confirmation of this.

Also, check out this great interview with EFLI co-founder Sunday Zeller.

2 thoughts on “Midweek Updates

  1. I would love to know the name of that song in the video, and where to find it. Keep up the good work guys, you have lots of fans here in the United States, and we’re spreading the word. GO DEFENDERS!

    • Hey, Mike, not sure what the name of the song is, but an Indian poster on the 4chan /sp/orts board says it’s a South Indian song and thinks the lead singer is Shankar Mahadevan. Thanks for your support of the EFLI, and I definitely second it. From what I’ve seen from various online communities, the reaction has been very positive and everyone’s excited about what they’ve seen so far from the EFLI and is spreading the word.

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