EFLI official website

EFLI Wikipedia page

Official EFLI Facebook page

Official EFLI Cheerleaders Facebook page

Flares into Darkness – Yet Another Really Great Blog – this blogger has been posting some great updates about the EFLI

Gameplan Creative – This is the sports & entertainment branding and marketing agency that is designing the very awesome team logos

Hey India, Are You Ready for Some (American) Football? by Elliot Hannon at Time World (India)

American Football in India: Elite Football League of India by Rohit Ghosh at Bleacher Report – informative article written on 7/9/12

Who To Follow – Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, etc. to follow for EFLI updates

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  1. Nothing much…had no idea about EFLI setting up things in india..But its Great..for d people of india..Only got to knw this after speaking with the CEO Mr Richard..over d phone today..Hope u remember sir..Tyson – Travelocity…Will feel priviliged to see u whenever u are in town (Pune)……

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