New 2012 Brochure

Thanks to Flares into Darkness who pointed out in his post last week that there is a new 2012 EFLI Brochure on the official EFLI website. The season has indeed been moved up to July 15, 2012 from November 2012. For the first season, the league will be split into 2 divisions: West and East. Our Teams page has been updated with this information, as well as possible expansion teams (like the Chennai Swarm and the Punjab Warriors who have been announced but will not play in the first season).

The brochure has some good information and highlights the great progress that has been made so far in establishing the league, including: signing on 64 Indian colleges and universities to compete in American football; signing a Letter of Intent with premier Indian sports channel Ten Sports; and signing on well-known NFL names such as Kurt Warner and Mike Ditka.

Schedule Update

It looks like the official website has been updated recently with a new PDF schedule. The schedule has the first games starting on July 15, 2012 and the last game, the EFLI Champions Game, on August 26, 2012.

If this is correct, then it looks like the EFLI moved the season up from beginning in November to beginning in July. But the PDF document is titled “EFLI 2012 MATCH SCHEDULE SRI LANKA”, so maybe it’s just sort of a pre-season tournament that is taking place in Sri Lanka before the actual season in November.

Notice that the Lions are called the Sri Lanka Lions (instead of Colombo) and the Wolfpak are called the Pakistan Wolf Pak (instead of Peshawar). Looks like these are some additional name changes that will establish a national identity for these two teams (Sri Lanka has an another team in the Kandy Skykings, which was relocated from Hyderabad in India).

So it looks like there’s still a lot of fluidity in the EFLI. But if the new PDF schedule is correct, we can start seeing some games already in July instead of the originally scheduled November.


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